Prairie Prince’s COLOURS & PASSIONS


Perfect rhythms, enlightened poetry, word paintings, visual renderings: All are found in the COLOURS & PASSIONS project created by drummer and artist, Prairie Prince.

Each musical piece features a different type of drum chosen from Prairie’s collection of percussive instruments celebrated throughout the world.

Seeking a form for a solo project with guest musicians, he reached back to the 1950’s remembering Ken Nordine’s spoken word records that were favorites of his older sisters, Leslie and Helen Prince. One “Word Jazz” recording was “Colors” produced in 1966. Prairie’s project is a new take on Nordine’s work.

Inspired by his life-long immersion in art and music, Prince assigned a color and passion for each month of the year, designing drum and percussion performances to accompany spoken work pieces.

Listen to a sample

January: Blue/Despair
February: Purple/Ecstasy
March: Bone/Lust
April: Flesh/Terror
May: Green/Satisfaction
June: Orange/Joy
July: Yellow/Excitement
August: Red/Desire
September: Sapphire/Pride
October: Black/Horror
November: Brown/Gratitude
December: White/Enlightenment
Bonus Track: Gray/Love
Bonus Track: Trash White/Distrust

Inviting collaboration from fellow musicians, each musical piece has a distinct input by such friends as:
Chris Von Sneidern – Guitars/Vocals and Engineer and Co-Producer
Michael Cotten – Synth/Samples and Keyboards
Todd Rundgren – Vocals/Synths and Production
Buckethead – Guitars/Bass
Ross Valory – Bass/Vocals
Eric Levy – Keyboards
Bobby Vega – Bass/Guitars
Atom Ellis – Bass
Ton Ayres – Guitars
David James – Guitars/Bass
Brian Compton – Bass
Jim Thomas – Guitar
Kasim Sulton – Bass/Vocals
Bobby Strickland – Sax/Flute
Italia Luminosa Raimond Jones – Cello
Ralph Carney – Sax/Fugal Horn/Vocals
Beth Custer – Bass Clarinet
Jeff Tamelier – Guitars
Gil Assayas – Keyboard/Synths
Barbara Golden – Piano/Vocals
Diana Mangano – Vocals
James Deprato – Slide Guitar
Joe Mirante – Guitar Feedback/Vocals
Cyril Jordan – Guitar
Joe Dileo – Guitar
Roger Steen – Guitar
Rick Anderson – Bass
Trey Sabatelli – Drums
Michael Holman – Vocals
Nick Taylor – Vocals
Frankie Jupiter – Vocals/Piano
Jimmy Sax Taylor – Sax/Vocals
Bruce McDaniel – Guitar
Grace Yoo – Vocals
Mia Jones – Vocals
Charlie Prince – Laughs
Steve Conte – Guitars
Neil Hamburger – Joke
Vince Welnick – Vocal
Jason Scheff – Bass/Vocals
Randy Brown – Bongos
Oink – Inspiration
John Ferenzik – guitar
Jennifer Burnes – bass
Jello Biafra – vocals
Miss Biafra – vocals
Mikel Ross – scatman and trashmouth

This project has slowly taken shape, and now the 14 cuts accompanied by Prairie’s artistic renderings of the various drums, have been completed and are label ready. Contact Prairie for more information about the future of this recording.