All You Need is Love

All-Star Ensemble Celebrates the 60th Anniversary Of Beatles’ Arrival In America

Kasim Sulton, Steve Kimock, Prairie Prince, Bobby Lee Rodgers, Gil Assayas, Mark Rashotte and Andy Forgie will honor the Fab Four at shows in 2024.

Each show will feature performances of beloved hits and hidden gems from the Fab Four’s extensive discography accompanied by state-of-the-art production and visuals.

‘All You Need Is Love’ consists of vocalist/bassist/guitarist Kasim Sulton (Meatloaf, Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, Blue Oyster Cult), guitarist Steve Kimock (Zero, Oteil & Friends, Jazz Is Dead), drummer Prairie Prince (The Tubes, Journey, Todd Rundgren), vocalist/guitarist/banjoist Bobby Lee Rodgers (Jazz is Dead, The Codetalkers with Col. Bruce Hampton, Vassar Clements), vocalist/keyboardist Gil Assayas (Kasim Sulton’s Utopia, Todd Rundgren’s Utopia), guitarist Mark Rashotte (Jake Clemons, Creed, Photograph) and vocals/theatrics from Andy Forgie (Creed, Photograph). Additionally Michael Des Barres will provide narration.

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